About Us

Northwest Real Estate Service, uses a “team” approach that isn’t offered anywhere else in Northwest Ohio !

What IS the “Team Approach”?

If you’re a seller……It means that you have our entire sales staff knowledgable and ready to inform buyers about your property! They are able to fill you in on market activity, calls coming in, ads running, and more!

If you’re a buyer…..You can ask any of our agents to track down a home offered in an ad or on the internet….answer your financing questions….or even show you homes!

YOU’RE NUMBER ONE! We’re ALL here to service your needs. We all have a common goal…..to get your property sold, or to find you your dream home!

Meet our team:

Beth Photo Beth Sigg



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Curt Sigg  Curt Sigg



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Reba Bumb  Reba Bumb



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Stacie Photo Stacie Wagner

 Office Manager


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Kristen photo Kristen Lauber



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Bethany Sigg  Bethany Sigg



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Gregory Kehnast  Gregory Kehnast



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Shawn Davis Faryniarz  Shawn (Davis) Faryniarz



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Greg Schubert  Greg Schubert



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Anne Gregory  Anne Gregory



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Andrew Mengerink  Andrew Mengerink



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